IMAP & POP Settings

This document outlines the bare minimum settings for IMAP & POP services for Rackspace Email users. You can always access your email using your browser at:


Inbound (Secure IMAP): (Port 993)

Outbound (Secure SMTP): (Ports 465 or 587)

We strongly advise against setting up mailboxes as POP, as it is an outdated protocol. POP also does not sync emails back to the server (read/unread states, sent emails, deleted emails) and also deletes emails on the server after 14 days, if configured incorrectly. So if your hard drive crashes, we don't have a copy of the emails on the server; as the only copy is stored locally on your computer. 


Inbound (SSL POP): (Port 995)

Inbound (Non-SSL POP): (Port 110)

Outbound (SSL SMTP): (Ports 465 or 587)

Outbound (Non-SSL SMTP): (Ports 25, 587, 8025, 2525)
*For non-SSL SMTP, you can use any of the ports listed. Some networks block port 25, which is why we provide the alternate ports.